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    2020 CSR Report Summary
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Caja Rural de Navarra is a regional financial institution with 963 employees and 253 offices, located in Navarra (139), La Rioja (24), Gipuzkoa (37), Álava (18) and Bizkaia (35).


Caja Rural de Navarra’s future is closely linked to the overall development of the region, which is why its commitment to the region is so complete and of vital importance to its own existence.


The available profits earned are exclusively allocated to two areas:

90% ➜ Increase CRN’s reserves in order to carry on boosting the local economy

10% ➜ Provide resources for the welfare fund


Caja Rural de Navarra’s high capital ratio means it is one of the most solvent financial institutions in Spain’s financial system. The fully loaded Common Equity Tier 1 ratio (CET 1) in December 2019 is 16,58%.


Caja Rural de Navarra is evaluated by two of the world's biggest rating agencies, with a rating of BBB+ from Fitch and Baa1 from Moody's, placing the institution among the best rated.


Caja Rural de Navarra belongs to the Caja Rural financial group, which covers the whole of Spain with 2.305 offices, 8.357 staff, 2,994 cash machines, 6.5 million customers and 1.5 million members.

2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

“Caja Rural de Navarra's business keeps it close to its community and impacts its social environment. This helps encourage sustainability and embodies our commitment to local economic development”

Ignacio Terés de los Arcos

Chairman of Caja Rural de Navarra

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Our team

Support and guidance for the team is part of our corporate culture. We trust employees, give them responsibility and demand effort and commitment. This two-way process helps mould Caja Rural employees, creating value and competitive advantages for the organization and enhancing the person’s career development and employability.

  • 948 people

  • 52% men and 48% women

  • 13,32 years of average seniority

  • 93,25% graduates

Equipo humano - Personas en la oficina escuchando a compañera de pie

The Bank has always been committed to customer focus as one of the core principles of its business.



The Bank has implemented a sustainability framework for its credit portfolio and has aligned the nine categories of its sustainability framework with the Sustainable Development objectives, reaching a volume of loans of 4,160 million euros granted and 52,064 beneficiaries.


4-Educación de calidad7-Energía-asequible-y-no-contaminante8-Trabajo-decente-y-crecimiento-económico  



Sustainable bonds

As of December 31, 2020, the sustainable portfolio amounts to more than 4,100 million Euros.


Due to its high level of capitalization, Caja Rural de Navarra is one of the most solvent financial institutions in the Spanish financial system. The ratio of Fully Loaded Ordinary Tier 1 Capital (CET 1) in December 2020 is 18.28%, one of the highest in the national financial sector.

Our relationship with the environment

At Caja Rural de Navarra we see our environment as a valuable asset to be preserved and we take action on multiple levels to balance the development of our business with the needs of the environment:

    • Minimising resource consumption (energy, plastics, paper, etc.)


    • Direct actions to improve the environment (generation of renewable energy, planting trees, etc.)

    • Support for our customers in their sustainability projects


    • Support for cooperativism and the traditional farming sector, which sustains the rural population and ensures farming is done in a way that respects nature

    Relación con el medioambiente
    Our relationship with society

    The Entity, through the Education and Promotion Fund, reverts to society a portion of the economic results as a social dividend. The basic lines of the activities to which this Fund is earmarked are set out in the General Assembly, and are as follows:

    • Guidance, training and cooperative advocacy

    • Teaching work

    • Sport

    • Aid work

    • Cultural and leisure activities

    • Social and economic development

    Relación con la Sociedad

    Caja Rural de Navarra - 2020 in figures

    New customers


    Total customers: 609.948

    New branches


    Total branches: 254





    Shareholders’ equity



    Loans and advances to customers



    Directly generated economic value



    Education and development fund



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    We are part of Caja Rural Group

    • We believe in the European cooperative banking model

    “We combine the reliability of a large group with the familiarity and know-how of the best team”

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    We hold our own legal personality and decision-making ability

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    We have and comply with mechanisms for engagement with associated bodies.

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    We are rooted in the region, with a close involvement in its social and economic development.






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